We are excited to deliver the research-based education model from Finland to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as HEI Schools opened it's doors in January 2021! The Finnish Model has been rigorously tested for decades with outstanding learning results. The ongoing work with co-founder, University of Helsinki guarantees the best and latest learning philosophies, models, practices and development meet in the curriculum of HEI Schools.

HEI Schools uses a holistic approach, paying close attention to children’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive growth and character development. Our curriculum supports children being the active agents in their own learning and development. Children are learning every moment of the day and a teacher’s role is to enhance this situational learning. That is why at HEI Schools we provide teachers with tools and guidance to accommodate child’s curiosity.

Childhood is a period of time, that defines you throughout your lifetime. For the things we learn as a child, in a play, we use those skills later in everyday life. Early childhood education and modern school can nourish the curiosity and creativity that the future adults can thrive from. When playfulness is a part of learning, it ensures e stronger commitment and motivation. A lifelong learning journey starts here, in HEI Schools Saudi Arabia.

Special Needs Program

HEI Schools Curriculum


Admission to the KG levels follow the Ministry of Educations’ regulation.

KG1: 5-10-2019 / 22-9-2020
KG2: 12-1-2019 / 4-10-2019
KG3: 26-10-2017 / 11-1-2019

At HEI Schools we will be following the official Ministry of Education academic calendar.

Yes, Arabic and Islamic classes are provided starting from Grade 1 and they follow the subject curriculum by the Ministry of Education. 

What if i dont want my child to learn arabic and Islam, as we are not muslims?
Your child will not attend Arabic and Islamic classes if you choose to opt out. HEI School embraces cultural diversity, for we have a global community of HEI Schools.

Depends on the level. HEI Curriculum follows local directives, so for example Math at KG levels is 5 hours and English 13 hours per week, minimum. HEI Schools Curriculum promotes phenomena-based learning with cross-curricular themes, so teaching can combine several subjects.

Entrance admission is made by first interviewing the parents providing the information regarding the child’s development and then the teacher assessing the child to make sure HEI Schools can meet the needs of your child. We do not recommend preparing the child more than you would normally prepare when going to a new environment. The teachers are experts in assessing and we do pay regard to the fact that in this current situation caused by the virus, most children have been in online education and not interacting as much as in our earlier normal.

School bus service fee will be charged on the location and return or one way.

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