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Our Story

HEI Schools is founded in partnership with the University of Helsinki

The Finnish model has been rigorously tested for decades with outstanding learning results. It combines the best and latest learning philosophies, models, and practices to meet the highest standards in education. At HEI Schools, we adapt its holistic approach, emphasizing on a child’s perspective without compromising academic results.

As our co-founder, the education experts at the University of Helsinki are a part of our daily working team. Together, we constantly strive to research, plan, and innovate for a successful implementation of the Finnish early education system. This is done through a carefully designed plan by providing purposeful play, nurturing guidance from highly-trained teachers, as well as the opportunity to adopt learning as a natural process shaped by one’s interests, all in due time. In this way, learning can happen everywhere, all the time.



At HEI Schools we support the child’s holistic growth and learning by combining education, upbringing and care. Education is supported by pedagogical practices that take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Upbringing is provided through the means of passing on cultural heritage and social norms from one generation to another. Care is granted by responding to the child’s social, emotional and physical needs.

HEI Schools concept is inspired by Finnish early childhood education which enhances the child’s perspective and active participation, curiosity and creativity as well as embodying the importance of play and exploring. Our primary mission is to be responsive by creating a place and space to fulfil the needs of every child. When all the important elements in a child’s daily life are aligned they feel safe to explore their environment and learn new things. At HEI Schools we promote the joy of learning, support the freedom of failing and encourage growth through experiencing both.


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