We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The purpose of the admission process at HEI Schools is to determine whether a potential student and the school are well suited for each other. It is important for parents to read the curriculum information on our website to ensure our philosophy of education is aligned with their desires for their children.


Step 1: Form Purchase

Enrollment process starts in HEI Schools starts as you complete the HEI School application form online.

Step 2: Return Form

Documents For Application:

  • Parents ID
  • Childs Birth Certificate
  • Childs Passport
  • Parents have to fill in all the details required in the form online with all required documents.

    Step 3: Interview

    Once HEI Schools receives the form. parents & the child will be scheduled for an interview.

    Step 4: Official Acceptance

    After the interview is conducted, HEI Schools will release officials acceptance including the payment invoice.

    Step 5: Admission & Payment

    Parents will have to pay for the invoice within the specific dates and also submit more supporting documents required by HEI Schools to enrol.

    Step 6: Parents Handbook

    Parents will be given a parents’ Handbook and officially start the child’s learning journey by having initial discussion with the class teacher.

    Enrollment is subject to the availability of places within HEI Schools. Once HEI Schools reserves a place for a student and offers enrollment, it is then subject to payment of the first invoice. Failure to pay the first invoice within the specified date may result in losing the reserved place in HEI Schools.