HEI Schools Al Malga

HEI Schools Al Malqa is meticulously designed to encourage children to interact, explore, rest and unwind. To always find the joy of learning in every little detail, for there is always something to gain in every little step.

Address: Al Bateha Valley, Al Malga, Riyadh,
13521, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 55 065 8898
Opening Hours: Sun - Thurs 7:00am to 2:00pm

The school opening and closing time is temporary due to the current health situation.

We are excited to deliver the research-based education model from Finland to Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia, as HEI Schools Al Malqa opens doors in January 2021! The Finnish Model has
been rigorously tested for decades with outstanding learning results. The ongoing work with
co-founder, University of Helsinki guarantees the best and latest learning philosophies,
models, practices and development meet in the curriculum of HEI Schools Al Malqa.

HEI Schools uses a holistic approach, paying close attention to children’s social-emotional,
physical and cognitive growth and character development. Our curriculum supports children
being the active agents in their own learning and development. Children are learning every
moment of the day and a teacher’s role is to enhance this situational learning. That is why at
HEI Schools we provide teachers with tools and guidance to accommodate child’s natural

Childhood is a period of time, that defines you throughout your lifetime. For the things we
learn as a child, in a play, we use those skills later in everyday life. Early childhood education
and modern school can nourish the curiosity and creativity that the future adults can thrive
from. When playfulness is a part of learning, it ensures e stronger commitment and
motivation. A lifelong learning journey starts here, in HEI Schools Al Malqa.


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HEI Base


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Al Bateha Valley,
Al Malga, Riyadh,
13521, Saudi Arabia                   


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+966 55 065 8898