HEI Schools is an award-winning International Preschool from Finland that has consistently been ranked at the top of the World’s Best Education Charts. Our pedagogy and curriculum are designed based on the latest research in early childhood education from our co-founding partner, the University at Helsinki. Our lessons and approach have been tested in preschools across Finland with positive proven results.

HEI Schools believes in the power of creativity that leads to innovative ways in educating children of the 21st century. The HEI Way explains the basic philosophies that the HEI concept is based upon and serves as the foundation for all HEI Schools.


At HEI Schools, we support the child’s learning and holistic growth by combining education, upbringing, and care. Education is supported by pedagogical practices that take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Upbringing is provided through the means of passing on cultural heritage and social norms from one generation to another. Care is granted by responding to the child’s social, emotional and physical needs.

HEI Schools concept is inspired by Finnish Early Childhood Education, enhancing the child’s perspective, active participation, curiosity, creativity; embodying the importance of play and exploring. Our primary mission is to be responsive by creating a place and space to fulfill the needs of every child. When all the important elements in a child’s daily life are aligned they feel safe to explore their environment and learn new things. At HEI Schools, we promote the joy of learning and support the freedom of failing, encouraging growth through experiencing both.


Exploration and curiosity are key elements of learning. We promote children’s natural abilities to observe, analyze and understand the world around them. We support the development of children’s linguistic and mathematical skills through different everyday activities. We strengthen children’s relationship with nature and the surrounding environment through science and environmental education.

Learning area includes:
Linguistic skills
Mathematic skills
Science & Environmental skills


We support children in understanding the diversity in their local community, as well as the practices that activate respect for diversity. We support children’s growth as conscious human beings and help them to understand what it means to be an ethically responsible member of society.

Learning area includes:
Cultural competence
Ethics education


We familiarize them with different art forms and their cultural heritage. We offer children opportunities to express themselves through musical activities, visual arts/crafts and bodily/verbal expression.

Learning area includes:
Musical activities
Crafts & visual expression
Verbal & bodily expression


We focus on building a strong foundation for a healthy way of living which consists of physical activity, nutrition, rest, self-care and care of others. This learning area supports other learning areas and helps children manage their daily life and routines.

Learning area includes:
Socio-emotional competence
Physical wellbeing


Children are learning every moment of the day, whether it’s putting on your own shoes; pouring yourself a drink or learning about science through a hands-on science project. The teacher’s role is to enhance this situational learning.

View in Action


“My son has been going to HEI Schools for the past two years and he’s been having a great experience (I often ask him if he likes going to school and he always says “yes”He brings a lot of the benefits of Finnish education home with him like “Clean Up Time”. After playing with toys at home, he sings a clean up song and puts everything away. I know that I didn’t teach him that! The Finnish approach develops the whole child and not just academics, so I know my son will be more successful in life from his experience at HEI.”

— A Mother - Riyadh KSA

“amazing school in Riyadh... my daughter enjoys her time there as she is always encouraged by teachers to participate in a variety of activities and events. Thanks, HEI Schools”

— A Mother - Riyadh KSA


Inspiring and highly-trained teachers
Our teachers look at the world through the child's perspective because each one learns in different ways and at a different pace. At HEI Schools we provide teachers with tools and guidance to accommodate a child’s natural curiosity and to fully support each child.

We highly value our teachers and recognize them as educators whose role is very influential in child’s learning. HEI Schools trains its teachers thoroughly and offers continuous training and ability to be part of a global HEI teacher community.

Safe havens for learning
Research shows that your physical surroundings can impact your behavior, thoughts, emotions and well-being. Because children learn with all five senses, our schools need to be more than just functional spaces. Our creative learning spaces are specifically designed to support our curriculum and daily activities, providing children with a safe, calm and stress-free learning environment. 

Mixed age groups
At our schools, children have the right to learn and develop individually and in group settings. We provide children with opportunities to learn interaction skills and social norms within a group of peers. It is crucial for children to learn how to consider others while building their foundation skills for life.

Rich language environment
The English language in HEI Schools is taught by using two languages together throughout instruction, their native language and English. This method is widely recognized all over the world as an effective way for children to learn another language. 


HEI Schools Saudi Arabia uses English as the primary language of communication. However, we do recognize the importance of Arabic, and the understanding of Saudi Arabian culture - all of which have seamlessly been incorporated into our pedagogy and curriculum.

Through a thinking globally and acting locally way of living, our children are fully equipped with an adaptive mindset for living and thriving in an ever changing world.


At HEI Schools , a child’s learning journey is used as a tracking tool to achieve a shared-understanding of a child’s learning and development, and involves the child, teachers, and parents. A Child’s Learning Journey is composed of an individual plan, a follow up tool, and a portfolio.


An individual plan is made for each child attending HEI Schools. Teachers use the Child’s Individual Plan to promote dialogue and to seek answers to the question of what HEI Schools can do for the child to recognise their full potential.

The Follow-Up Tool is an observation form that gathers information about the child in relation to the HEI Schools learning areas. Teachers update each child’s form twice annually before one-on-one meetings with their families. The Follow-Up Tool is used throughout the child’s time at HEI Schools to make visible the child’s progression, strengths, needs, and possible challenges in relation to the HEI Schools learning areas.

Each child at HEI Schools has their own portfolio, in which the child gathers meaningful documents with the help of the teacher. These might be drawings and other artwork, photographs of events, play, projects and trips, stories, narratives, and interviews. The portfolios showcase the children’s experiences, interests, and development during their time at HEI Schools.

A Day At HEI

Every day is an HEI Day at HEI Schools Saudi Arabia, where learning takes place everywhere and all the time for everyone. We support all children to actively participate in every activity through a fun-filled schedule. The daily schedule is research-based and carefully thought-out to offer the best early childhood education and care for all children.
Together, teachers and children take charge of their own learning and exploration of all learning modules. They help one another design the most appropriate learning environment for the activities throughout the day. This collaboration offers flexibility to entertain independence and innovation among each child as they explore their interests as individuals and as team members.
Here is an example of what a wonderful day at HEI Schools Saudi Arabia looks like.

HEI Time takes place every morning at HEI Schools Saudi Arabia. It is important for children to meet and greet their teacher first thing in the morning. This is the time to check-in with one another for all things necessary to achieve a successful HEI day. It is time for teachers and children to channel positive attitudes and energy among themselves and to set the tone for the rest of the day.

​HEI Activities are research-based and teacher-guided lessons that have been developed and approved by the University of Helsinki. The diverse lessons and activities target all 10 learning modules in the correct mixture according to the children’s interests, age group, and readiness. The learning is guaranteed to be fun and the feeling is guaranteed to be fantastic.

HEI Schools recognises the importance of outdoor activities to the development of every child’s physical and emotional well-being. Our students have daily access to each specific outdoor play area throughout the day. Equipment and play tools are designed using only natural materials and are strategically placed around the specific play areas to assist in physical, mental, and muscle development through play. Swimming and other age-appropriate sport activities are also available. The children have total freedom to exercise their natural urge to move and play by themselves or with others under the supervision of teachers on-site at all times.

Parting is never a sorrow at HEI Schools. HEI HEI time offers a cool-down period for all students and teachers before being picked up by their parents. Students will get to share moments and their experiences from during the day with their teachers. HEI HEI strengthens bonds between students and their teachers and is also a time for teachers to prepare the students for what is planned for them on the following day and improve their excitement for learning and schooling. HEI HEI also gives parents the opportunity to briefly meet and recap their child’s day with the teacher.

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